Spring has finally made its appearance on the Cap Ferret peninsula!

The buds bloom timidly, revealing the first shades of green on the branches of the trees. 

The birds sing happily, filling the air with playful melodies. 

The flowers bloom in a festival of vibrant colors, gently waking up sleeping nature. 

The days are getting longer, offering moments of softness and warmth under the spring sun.

It's the perfect time to plan your next stay at Domaine du Ferret thanks to our complete offer! 

Our estate, nestled in the heart of nature, will allow you to enjoy the renewal of life that awakens around us. Enjoy a delicious meal in our restaurant with panoramic views of the surrounding pine trees. 

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with the massages offered by our spa-therapists in our 1000m² wellness area, and above all, enjoy the sea air during walks by the sea on the Cap Ferret peninsula.

Le Domaine du Ferret - Domaine du Ferret - Lège-cap-ferret

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