The time changes this weekend

The time changes on March 31!


The switch to summer time on March 31, 2024 marks the start of longer days and brighter evenings. It's an opportunity to set our clocks an hour ahead, with enthusiasm, in anticipation of the warmer days to come.


It's the perfect time for a getaway on the Cap Ferret peninsula, between the Bassin d'Arcachon and the Atlantic Ocean, for an interlude of nature and serenity. Enjoy outdoor activities such as boat trips on the Bassin d'Arcachon, bike rides on forest trails, mini-golf, and the famous oyster tastings in the typical cabins of the peninsula.


Explore the village markets, which are gradually reopening, and stroll along the seafront to enjoy the vitamin D and salt air, renowned for their anti-stress and rejuvenating benefits. An invigorating stroll along the coast is more than good for your health.


Get away from the noise and stress of everyday life by booking your lodge at Domaine du Ferret, in the quiet heart of nature.

Don't forget to adjust your watches and enjoy this transition to a warmer, more dynamic season.

Le Domaine du Ferret - Domaine du Ferret - Lège-cap-ferret

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