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To access and use this Site, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18 years of age, then prior permission from your parents will be required.
You may access the Site freely and without charge, without registering or creating an account.
Access to the Site and/or some of its Sections may require the use of personal access codes. In this case, it is your responsibility to take the appropriate measures to ensure the secrecy of these codes. You can of course change them at any time. However, the number of attempts to access the Site and/or some of its Sections may be limited in order to prevent fraudulent use of these codes. We invite you to inform us of any fraudulent use of which you may be aware. Furthermore, in the event of non-compliance with the rules described in these Terms of Use, We reserve the right to suspend your access.
The costs of access and use of the telecommunication network remain at your charge.


a) Intellectual property rights

The development of this Site has involved significant investments. The Site and each of its components (such as brands, images, texts, videos, etc.) are protected under intellectual property law. Any use, reproduction or representation of the Site (in whole or in part), on any medium whatsoever, for other purposes, and in particular commercial, is prohibited.
We may make available on this Site content that you are authorized to download (hereinafter the "Downloadable Content"). We grant you, for your personal and private use only, a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Downloadable Content, free of charge and for the legal term of protection of intellectual property rights as defined by French and foreign laws and international conventions. Any reproduction, representation, modification or distribution of the Downloadable Content is prohibited. By downloading or using such Downloadable Content, you agree to use it in accordance with these Terms of Use.
In the event that We provide you with a Site that allows you to edit an image, you acknowledge and agree that this Site may only be used for purely private purposes and in accordance with its intended purpose. You are not authorized to use this Site in a manner that would be detrimental to the honor, reputation or rights of a third party as described below.

b) Third party rights

We remind you that you must imperatively obtain/assign all the necessary authorizations and rights from the various rights holders concerned by any content that you may wish to publish on the Site, including all intellectual property rights and/or literary, artistic and/or industrial property rights, as well as personality rights (and in particular image rights), so that you can peacefully exploit said content. For example, you must obtain/get the rights on the contents, and in particular the copyrights on the photographs, as well as on all the elements appearing in the aforementioned contents, such as for example elements of architecture, design, advertising creations, or even clothing creations

c) User Content

We may make available on this Site a space intended to host user content, such as texts, photos, videos, opinions, etc. (hereinafter the "User Content").
By publishing User Content on the Site, you hereby grant us a free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide license for the entire duration of intellectual, literary and artistic and/or industrial property rights, and in particular copyright as defined by French and foreign legislation and international conventions (including any subsequent supplementary or amending regulations), to reproduce, represent, use, copy, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, integrate into other works, and distribute this User Content (in whole or in part).

This use is authorized for all purposes of internal or external communication, corporate or financial, advertising, as well as for all purposes of public relations, and for historical or archival purposes, of our company or its subsidiaries, its products and/or its brands, and in particular on the following media
- Posters in all formats, in unlimited quantities,
- Press, unlimited number of publications,
- Publishing, unlimited number of publications, in particular publishing for internal communication, including
- Sales and distribution network (wholesalers, retailers, agents, etc.).), events, posters for congresses, exhibitions, stands...BtoB communication, in the professional press, for an unlimited number of publications and/or quantities,
- Electronic, computer, digital, multimedia, Internet and Intranet publishing, all sites (whatever the site and/or medium, including so-called "social network" sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Dailymotion), unlimited number of insertions and distribution,
- on any other advertising medium (hereinafter referred to as the "Medium(s)")

You are informed that these social networks are platforms belonging to third parties and that, consequently, the distribution and use of User Content on these social networks are governed by the terms of use established by these third parties. Thus, We cannot be held responsible for any use of the Content by Us or by third parties in accordance with the terms of use established by the social networks, and in particular, in terms of the scope of rights granted, the duration of the rights and the deletion of the Content. You shall be responsible for any third-party claim relating to the use of the Content in accordance with the terms of use established by the social networks.
Moreover, We remind you that any Content is likely to be referenced on a search engine and, therefore, to be consulted by an audience outside the Site.
This authorization gives Us the possibility of adapting your Content and/or of making any clarifications to the initial posting that We deem useful, as long as said Content does not alter your image or your words.
In addition, the use of User Content may be accompanied by certain de-personalized information such as your city, your country or your age, and/or, if applicable if you have expressly authorized it, by information allowing your identification such as your first name or your nickname.
The User Content that you publish on this Site is your choice and your exclusive responsibility. However, We remind you that these User Contents must not be contrary to the legislation in force, to good morals and to the principles set out herein. In this respect, We reserve the right to remove at any time any User Content that does not comply with these Terms of Use and in particular the Charter of Good Conduct.
Furthermore, if you access User Content created by another user, you must respect the rights of this user and in particular ensure that you do not reproduce and distribute the said Content published on other media without the prior consent of the user concerned.


We defend the values of tolerance and respect for others.

For this reason, by using this Site, you are forbidden to:
- convey racist, violent, xenophobic, malicious, vulgar, obscene or illicit statements;
- disseminate content that is harmful, defamatory, unauthorized, malicious, infringing on privacy or image rights, inciting violence, racial or ethnic hatred, or content that constitutes an affront to public decency or an incitement to commit certain offenses and crimes;
- use the Site for political, propaganda or proselytizing purposes;
- publish advertising or promotional content for products and/or services competing with the brand(s) presented on the Site;
- divert the Site from its purpose, in particular by using it as a meeting place;
- disseminate information allowing, directly or indirectly, the precise identification of a physical person without his or her express and prior consent, such as, in particular, the family name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number;
- disseminate information or content likely to offend young people;
- intimidate or harass others;
- carry out illegal activities, in particular infringing on the rights of owners of software, brands, photographs, images, texts, videos, etc.
- disseminate content (especially photographs and videos) representing minors.

If you discover a User Content making the apology of crimes against humanity, inciting to racial hatred and/or violence or concerning child pornography, you must inform Us immediately at the following e-mail address: [email protected], or by sending a detailed letter to the following address: 40 avenue de Caperan 33950 Lège-Cap Ferret , indicating in your e-mail/mail the date on which you noticed this content, your identity, the URL address of the litigious content, its description and the identifier of its author.
If you believe that a User Content infringes the principles set out above and your rights or the rights of a third party (for example, infringement, insult, invasion of privacy), you can notify it to the following e-mail address [email protected], or by sending a detailed letter to the following address: 40 avenue de Caperan 33950 Lège-Cap Ferret, indicating in your e-mail/courier the date on which you noticed this content, your identity, the URL address of the litigious content, its description and the identifier of its author.

In accordance with the provisions of article 6-I-5 of law n° 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy, the notification must contain:
the date of the notification;
- for a natural person: surname, first names, profession, domicile, nationality, date and place of birth;
- the name and domicile of the addressee or, in the case of a legal entity, its name and head office;
- the description of the litigious facts and their precise location (e.g.: URL link of the litigious content; - the reasons why the content must be removed, including a mention of the legal provisions and justification of the facts; - a copy of the correspondence addressed to the author or the legal entity: URL link of the litigious content);
- the reasons why the content must be removed, including the mention of legal provisions and justifications of facts;
- a copy of the correspondence addressed to the author or publisher of the litigious information or activities requesting their interruption, removal or modification, or the justification that the author or publisher could not be contacted.

Any incomplete notification may not be processed. WARNING: The fact, for any person, of presenting a content or an activity as being illicit with the aim of obtaining the withdrawal of it or to make cease the diffusion of it by presenting false or inaccurate information is punished by a penalty of one year of imprisonment and 15 000 euros of fine.


a) General provisions

We remind you that inaccuracies or omissions may appear in the information available on this Site, particularly due to third parties. We undertake to remove inaccuracies or to complete this information on the Site as soon as possible.

Information on products and services

The products and services presented to you on this Site do not constitute an offer to sell but a general presentation of the range of products and services that We distribute in the country in which this Site is broadcast.

b) Hypertext links

The hypertext links set up on this Site may lead you to Internet sites published by third parties whose content We do not control. Consequently, and insofar as the hypertext links have been included on this Site solely to facilitate your navigation on the Internet, consultation of third-party sites is your choice and your exclusive responsibility.


We may collect personal data from you, for example, when you (i) subscribe to a service, (ii) download Downloadable Content, (iii) sign in, (iv) enter a game/contest, (v) send us an email, (vi) respond to a survey or study.
For more information on the processing of your personal data, please see our Personal Data Policy available here.


Cookies are small files that are deposited on your device during your navigation on the Site (such as the pages you have consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) and which can be read during your visits to the same Site.


We may modify the content and information included in this Site as well as these Terms of Use, in particular in order to comply with any new legislation and/or applicable regulations and/or to improve the Site.
Any modification will be made known to you on the Site before it takes effect in the context of these Terms of Use. Unless the modification implies your express acceptance, your continued use of the Site implies that you accept the new Terms of Use.


The Site was developed for the Domaine du Ferret Company by PUBLICOM (410 765 663), 10 Route de Galice - Aix-en-Provence.


We endeavor to keep the Site and the Downloadable Content accessible at all times. However, we cannot guarantee that the Site will be available and accessible at all times. Indeed, we may be obliged to temporarily suspend partial or total access to the Site, in particular for technical maintenance reasons.

It is also specified that the Internet network and computer and telecommunications systems are not error-free and that interruptions and breakdowns may occur. We cannot provide any guarantee in this respect and therefore cannot be held responsible for any damage inherent in the said use of the Internet network and computer and telecommunications systems, in particular but not limited to:
- poor transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information on the Internet;
- external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses;
- failure of any reception equipment or communication lines; and
- any other malfunction of the Internet network preventing the proper functioning of the Site.

Finally, we shall only be liable for direct damages, to the exclusion of all other damages or prejudices of any kind. In particular, related indirect damages such as, but not limited to, loss of profits or revenues or loss of customers.


The Terms of Use are subject to French law.
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